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Glass Products Can Withstand Hard Industry Environment

LingYan Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high quality glass products for more than 10 years. We have technically advanced machinery, skillful worker as well as professional salesman, so that we have confidence to provide the satisfactory high quality products to customers. Our main glass products include gauge glass, optical glass, step glass, glass disc and tube, lab glassware, glass rod and glass panel.

Why choose glass products

Glass products are also widely used in astronomy, biology and medicine science.
Glass products used in daily life

Glass products are widely used in daily life, such as decoration, lights, camera and so on. Glass discs are used as light cover because of high light transmittance. Glass panel used as shelf and space divider will make the room tidy and spacious visually.

Glass panels used in light, shelf and space divider.
Glass products used in science

Glass products are also widely used in astronomy, biology and medicine science. Optical glass is widely used in instruments, such as telescope, microscope and so on. Glass container can be used to cultivate plants in laboratory for science because of its light transmittance and harmless to plants.

Glass lenses are used in telescope and microscope and glass containers are used to cultivate plants.
Glass products used in laboratory

In laboratory, glassware are the most used containers and tools. The glassware are stable and do not react with other chemicals and they are also not easy to be contaminated and easy to clean. The surface of glass is clear and make it convenient to observe chemicals reacting progress. The tubes and beakers are used to do experiments. The wild mouth bottles are used to store some chemicals.

There are many kinds of laboratory glassware, such as tube, beaker, measuring glass and so on.
Glass products used in industry

The quartz and borosilicate glass can withstand hard environment, such as high temperature, high pressure, acid and alkali. The boilers and industrial pipes require rust-resistance material and also transparent for observing at the same time. The gauge glass can meet the requirements perfectly. Gauge glass is widely used in industry flanges, tanks and boilers.

Gauge glass is used in pipes, tanks and flanges.
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