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Nail Shaped Glass Guide 9.8 mm Outer Diameter, 5 mm Inner, 13 mm Height

Case Study – Glass light guide for optical equipment

Client's requirements:
Glass light guides' size is required by our customer: 5 × 9.8 × 13 mm, and make sure its accuracy error is 0.1 mm.


  • Color: transparent.
  • Material: glass.
  • Bottom treatment: polished.
  • Edge treatment: chamfer.
  • Shape: nail shaped.
  • Specialized size:
    • Bottom outer diameter: 9.8 mm.
    • Bottom inner diameter: 5 mm.
    • Base height: 3 mm.
    • Upper height: 10 mm.

The customized glass rod light guides are used in optical equipment.

9.8 mm outer diameter, 5 mm inner, 10 mm height and bottoms polished, edge chamfer.
The dimensions and details of the glass light guide.
The outer diameter of the upper end of a glass light guide measured with vernier caliper is 5 mm.
Dimensional measurement of nail-shaped glass light guide.
There are four finished glass light guides.
It shows the final appearance of the glass light guides.
We package glass light guides with plastic bags.
We package it with plastic bags carefully and tightly.

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