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How Do We Find out the Right Magnetic Level Gauge for Our UEA Customer?

Customer Background

Our customer comes from United Arab Emirates (UEA), a company specialized in boiler production and maintenance. During the operation, their boiler level gauge was damaged, so they wanted to purchase level gauges from our company.


Our customer sent an inquiry and said they want to buy magnetic level gauge made of SS316 with a center-center distance 1200 mm and connection flanges DN 25 and DN16.

Temperature is an important factor for product selection. So our salesman asked the maximum working temperature and our customer replied 80 °C.

Based on our experience and expertise, we explained to our customer that SS304 can completely meet the working temperature and working requirements, and it was more cost-effective than SS316. We recommended the products with the following technical data to our customers.

  • Chamber material: SS3044
  • Panel and scale material: aluminium
  • Gasket material: PTFE
  • Connection flange: DN25, PN16
  • Drain valve: 1/2" ball valve
  • Float anti-collision spring: stainless steel, installed on the bottom.
  • Working temperature: 80 °C.
  • Working pressure: 16 bar

Additionally, our technician drew a detailed technical drawing and sent to our customer for confirmation.

Our customer changed the center-to-center distance to 700 mm from 1200 mm.

Finally, our customer placed the order after further drawing confirmation and price confirmation. We scheduled production as quickly as possible.

Magnetic level gauge design drawing and technical data

Products Display

2 magnetic level gauges are displayed.

Test Before Delivery

  • Test requirements: 100% full inspection
  • Test standard: API598-2004
  • Test results: After testing, our products can with a maximum pressure of 20 bar, higher than 16 bar required and can completely satisfy our customer's working requirements.

Customer Comments

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Lingyan can give reasonable suggestions based on our specific application. Their suggestions not only meet our requirements, but also help us save some operation costs. Lingyan is a trustworthy partner.

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