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Encoder Disks – 70–250 mm Diameter, 0.05–1 mm Thickness

Encoder Disks are used for electromechanical devices sensing in myriad applications — on motors paired with drives and for everything from consumer electronics, elevators, and conveyor speed monitoring to position control on automated industrial machines and robotics. It could track the turning of motor shafts to generate digital position and motion information. It is widely used in technology and automatic detection sensing technology.

Our company has been engaged in the manufacture and production of encoder disks for more than 10 years. We have strong professionalism, rich product resources, and technical strength. In recent years, we have improved the technology and innovate some new products on the basis of the original optical reticle. A matte reticle (forming lines on various optical glass matte surfaces) and a black chrome reticle (which will be Optical lines are processed into sky blue, non-reflective black chrome lines) have been produced and gain customers' satisfaction and trust.

Glass encoder disk with different resolution on a blue background.
Contrast on different resolution: Resolution up to 256 lines and 20000 lines.

Specification of encoder disks

  • Color: Transparent.
  • Diameter: 70–250 mm.
  • Thickness: 0.05–1 mm.
  • Accuracy
    • Motherboard scoring accuracy: 0.5 μm.
    • Grating disk copying accuracy: 1 μm.
    • The thinnest line of the reticle: 1 μm.

Packaging and transportation

  • To avoid rupture, the glass tube would be packed in a wooden box with a foam or bubble wrap.
  • We can also package the glass tube according to customer's requirements.
A package process of glass encoder discs.
Glass Encoder Disks are packed in carton.

Features and advantages of glass disk

  • High transparency.
  • High temperature.
  • Quartz glass's softening point temperature is about 1780 °C, and can be used at 1000 °C for a long time. The highest temperature can be 1450 °C within a short period of time.
  • High sensitivity.
  • The requirements for the photodiode and the frequency of the chip are not high with glass disc.
  • High speed.
  • It can be used on high speed encoders, and the output signal is stable.

Glass disk application

At present, glass disc is widely used in CNC machine tools, textile machinery, encoders, computer embroidery machines, industrial precision measuring instruments, elevators, printing machinery, industrial digital projectors, cigarette machines, steel rolling, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, industrial robots and other servo drives, automatic control It is widely used in technology and automatic detection sensing technology.

different encoder with glass disc.
The encoder with glass disc.

Maintenance precautions

Frangibility, must be careful, very easy to break if hit it with tough things.

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