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Glass Discs with Good Thermal and Optical Properties

Glass discs, whose material can be soda-lime, borosilicate or quartz, have different sizes and applications. The difference of soda-lime, borosilicate and quartz is the different content of silicon dioxide. The more silicon dioxide contain, the glass disc is stronger in thermal and optical properties.

The diameter of our glass disc can be 5 mm to 1000 mm. The thickness can be 0.3 mm to 40 mm. Compared with other factory products, our glass discs surface is polished and no bubble and edge is exact round and polished. What's more, Our glass discs can work in very high temperature as well as acid and alkali environment. In addition, as optical glass, our glass discs light transmittance can reach 93%.

With good thermal, mechanical and optical properties, the glass discs are widely used in instruments, LED lights, optical industry and so on.

Four pieces of glass discs are on the ground and they are all bright, smooth and polished.
GD-1: Our glass discs can be as thin as 0.3 mm and there is no bubble in them.
One piece of glass disc stands on the ground.
GD-2: Our thin glass discs have good optical properties and can also resist acid and alkali.


  • Material: soda-lime, borosilicate, quartz.
  • Diameter: 5 mm - 1000 mm, according to customers' requirements.
  • Thickness: 0.3 mm - 40 mm.
  • Surface handling: polishing, flat.
  • Edge handling: grinding, polishing.
Glass discs thermal properties
Material Soda-lime Borosilicate Quartz
SIO2 content 60% - 75% > 81% > 90%
Density (25 °C) 2.53 2.23 2.20
Coefficient of thermal expansion 8.6 × 10-6 3.3 × 10-6 5.5 × 10-7
Softening point 726 °C 820 °C 1780 °C
Melting point 780 °C 1680 °C 2000 °C
Annealing point 546 °C 560 °C 1120 °C
Temperature for short time working 400 °C 500 °C 1500 °C
Temperature for long time working 350 °C 450 °C 1200 °C
Specific heat 0.18 J/kg °C 0.9 J/kg °C 670 J/kg °C
Glass discs optical properties
Material Soda-lime Borosilicate Quartz
Index of refraction 1.523 1.475 1.458
Transmittance The different wavelength light transmittance of soda-lime glass disc. The borosilicate glass light transmittance of different thickness. The different wavelength light transmittance of quartz glass disc.

Features and Advantages:

  • Corrosion resistance
    The glass disc especially quartz can resist acid and alkali. The quartz do not react with any acid, except hydrofluoric acid.
  • High working temperature
    The soda-lime glass discs can work under 450 °C high temperature and the quartz glass discs can even work under 1200 °C for a long time.
  • High light transmittance
    The quartz transmittance can reach 95%.
  • Polished surface
    There is no bubble or scratch and the surface is flat, clear and polished.
  • Perfect edging handling
    The edge is exactly round. It can be ground and polished. The polished edge is more smooth.
Five pieces of polished surface glass discs are on the desk.
GD-3: Our glass discs are flat and polished in surface without any bubble.
Two pieces of glass discs stands on the desk and the edge is smooth and polished.
GD-4: We can handle the edge well and make sure it smooth and polished.
Six pieces of polished surface glass discs in different thickness are on the desk.
GD-5: Our glass discs are available in different thickness as your requirement.
Two pieces of glass discs on the desk, one 0.5 mm thickness, another 5 mm thickness.
GD-6: Glass desk 0.5 mm and 5 mm thickness.


  • As cover discs, they can protect from dust and moisture.
  • Glass discs are used in optical industry because of it's high transmittance.
  • As cover glass and slides, glass discs are widely used in instruments.
  • It is used in LED lights because of its good optical properties.

Package and transportation:

  • One piece in a plastic bubble bags and 100 bags in a carton and 10 cartons in a wooden case.
  • According to customers' requirements.
Three glass discs in plastic bubble bags.
GD-7: Fine glass discs are packed in plastic bubble bags to avoid collision.
Two cartons of glass discs on the ground.
GD-8: Strong carton boxes make sure the safety of the glass discs.

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