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Glass Hookah Has Filtering Effect, Safe Materials, Beautiful Appearance

A glass hookah with green liquid on blue tablecloth.

GH-1: Glass hookah.

With the social and technological improvement, people are not satisfied with actual function. The appearance is more and more important.

Glass hookah is becoming more and more popular among the smokers. It is made of high borosilicate glasses. This kind of materials have no any harmful substance, which is harmful to the body. And people can observe the situation through the transparent glass to avoid problems.

Compared with traditional cigarette, glass hookah is a good choice for the smokers for better filtering effect and recycled performance.

In addition, glass hookah with smooth surface is easy to clean.


  • Material: high borosilicate glass.
  • Glass thickness: 5 mm.
  • Type:

    • Single pipe glass hookah.
    • Double pipes glass hookah.
    This is a type A single pipe glass hookah.

    GH-2: Type A single pipe glass hookah.

    There are two type B single pipe glass hookahs.

    GH-3: Type B single pipe glass hookahs.

    This is a type C single pipe glass hookah.

    GH-4: Type C single pipe glass hookah.

    This is a type A double pipes glass hookah.

    GH-5: Type A double pipes glass hookah.

    This is a type B double pipes glass hookah.

    GH-6: Type B double pipes glass hookah.

    This is a type C double pipes glass hookah with red light.

    GH-7: Type C double pipes glass hookah.

  • Accessories:

    • Glass hookah tray.
    • Glass hookah bowl.
    • Glass hookah screen.
    • Pipes.
    This is a glass hookah tray that is used in glass hookah.

    GH-8: Glass hookah tray.

    This is a glass hookah bowl that is used with glass hookah.

    GH-9: Glass hookah bowl.

    There are two glass hookah screens that are used in glass hookah.

    GH-10: Glass hookah screens.

    This is a coil of white pipe that used with glass hookah.

    GH-11: Pipes used with glass hookah.

    Note: specific specifications and types can be customized.


  • High strength materials, not easy to be damaged.
  • Good filtering effect.
  • Safe and nontoxic materials, harmless to the body.
  • Glass hookah is reusable, it is a economic choice.
  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Smooth surface, easy to clean.


In the modern society, more and more people like to smoke the hookah through the glass hookah. Compared with traditional cigarette, the glass hookah has less harm to human body.

A people is observing the situation of carbon that used in glass hookah.

GH-12: The glass hookah should be used with carbon.

A people is smoking with glass hookah that has blueberry juice.

GH-13: You can add any kinds of juice in glass hookah depends on your habits.

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