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Clear and Frosted Glass Panels Can Be Tempered Glass

Glass panel most common material is soda-lime, but it can also be borosilicate and quartz. Glass panels are widely used in door, window, table, shelf, partition wall as well as decoration in both home and office.

Clear glass sheets are used to let more light in and make the room more bright. The frosted glass panel can help to separate the private space as bathroom, fitting room and kitchen. Glass panels are also used as shelf because of its water resistant and corrosion resistant characters. Tempered glass panels are used more and more widely. The most important feature is its safety. It will break into small relatively harmless blunt glass fragments which will not hurt us.

Thanks to glass panels' optical, chemical and mechanical properties, they are widely applied in office, home and industry nowadays.

Six pieces of clear glass panel stand on the ground.
GP-01: Square glass panels are clear and polishing with well grinding edge finish.
A piece of oval glass with a column supporting.
GP-02: The glass panel can be used as table top and glass table is more beautiful.


  • Material: soda-lime glass, borosilicate glass, quartz.
  • Shape: square, rectangle, round, oval or as per customers' requirements.
  • Size: 10 mm - 3000 mm.
  • Thickness: 5 mm - 30 mm.
  • Surface: polishing, frosted.
  • Edge handling: grinding, polishing.
  • Technology: tempered or not.
Round shape glass panel with clear surface and polishing edge.
GP-03: The glass panel can be any shape according to customers' requirements.
A piece of normal soda-lime glass and a piece of super white glass on the ground.
GP-04: The super white glass is more clear and have higher light transmittance.

Features and advantages

  • Suitable material
    The most common material of glass panel is soda-lime but the common soda-lime glass is light green and the transmittance is low. We can produce super white glass which have higher transmittance.
  • Strong mechanical property
    The glass tube can stand 14 MPa stress and the tempered glass can stand stronger stress.
  • Stable chemical property
    The acid and alkali resistance is high, especially quartz, which do not react with any acid except hydroflouric acid. The stability of glass is 30 times of ceramic and 150 times of stainless steel.
  • Polishing or frosted surface
    We can handle the surface of glass panel as customers' requirements. The polishing surface is good for transmittance and the frosted surface is suitable for private space.
  • Safe
    Tempered glass panel is safer than normal glass panel. When the glass break, it will break into small relatively harmless blunt glass fragments which will not hurt us.
A piece of super glass panel are on the ground.
GP-05: Super white glass suit to windows require higher light transmittance.
Broken tempered glass and normal glass are on the ground.
GP-06: The tempered glass panel are more safe than normal glass when breaking.


  • Used in window and door
    Glass panels are the most suitable material in window and door due to its light transmittance character. In modern life, the glass panels are widely used in building windows and doors.
  • Used as table
    The glass table tops are tougher than wooden ones. It can withstand scratch and avoid worm. Besides, the glass table is more beautiful and save space visually.
  • Used as shelf
    In bathroom or kitchen, the glass shelf is more suitable because it is water resistant and corrosion resistant.
  • Used as partition wall
    The clear polishing glass panel are used as partition wall for looking outside. The frosted glass panel are used as partition wall to keep private space and also keep beautiful and tidy.
  • Used as decoration
    The glass panels are also used as just decoration at home and office.
Glass panels are used in window.
GP-07: Clear glass panel are used in window for letting more light in.
A table is made of glass panel and wooden support.
GP-08: Glass panel are widely used as table top to have good appearance.
Two glass shelf with some bottles on it in the bathroom.
GP-09: Because of its water-proof character, the glass shelf is the best choice in bathroom.
The room is separated into two parts by glass partition wall.
GP-10: In office, glass partition wall is better for management.

Package and transportation

  • In order to avoid breaking, glass panels are packaged in wooden case or pallet, with foam or bubble wrap.
  • We can also pack the glass panels according to customers' requirements.
Some wooden packed glass panels are on the ground.
GP-11: Strong wooden package to keep away from breaking.
The wooden packed glass panel are being loaded into containers.
GP-12: Strong package and careful loading make sure the safety of glass panels.

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