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Glass Touch Panel – Customized Designs, Sizes and Logos for Multi-Applications

Five glass touch panel with different shapes and sizes on the gray background.
GTP-01: Glass touch panel can be customized into any sizes, shapes and colors as your requirements.

Glass touch panel, more and more widely used in our daily life, offers a cost effective human intelligent option to the conventional mechanical buttons. The glass touch panel is commonly be made into tempered glass, which is temperature and flame resistance. Additional, it is firmer and more durable compared to conventional glasses.

Structure of glass touch panel

Glass touch panel has a simple but highly durable structure.

  • Tempered glass. The common glasses will be tempered for high strength and higher security level. It can withstand more external forces and maintain long service life. Additional, when the tempered glass broken, there is no small glass fragment, which may hurt people.
  • Drilled holes/customized shapes. The tempered glass can be drilled holes to be easily assemble onto walls and other places, additional, it can also be cut into different shapes to suit different devices and environments.
  • Silk printing surface. The tempered glass will be sink printed by professional equipment for different colors, logos, patterns and buttons. All the
  • Bright surface. The tempered glass can maintain smooth and bright after millions of button presses, while leave little fingerprint on the panel.
  • Smooth surface. Compared with conventional touch panel, it can prevent particulates or liquids from interfering the inner circuit or components. Additional, it is easy cleaning for longer service life.

Advantages of glass touch panel

  • High tensile strength. The tempered glass supplies higher tensile strength than common glass to withstand the external forces.
  • Abrasion resistance. It will not leave any scratch in the daily life use.
  • High temperature resistance. It will perform well under high or low temperature environments.
  • Good insulation performance. It can protect people from electric shocks and supply higher safety grade.
  • Water and flame resistance. It is safe to be used in bathroom or other dangerous places.
  • Easy cleaning. Just clean it with soft cloth and it will be cleaned easily.
  • Safe. When the tempered glass broken, it will be still a whole panel not the glass fragments and it will not hurt people.
Knife is scraping tempered glass and common glass with one is new and other is broken.
GTP-02: Tempered glass is abrasion and scraping resistance.
cigarettes on the tempered and common glass touch panel with one is still new and the other is burn.
GTP-03: The tempered glass touch panel is fire and high temperature resistance.
A clean glass touch panel and the other is dirty and several water drops left.
GTP-04: Glass touch panel is waterproof and easy cleaning.


All the products can be customized as customers' requirements.

  • 1 mm – 6 mm thickness for choice.
  • Drilled holes.
  • Tempered glass.
  • Silk printing colors.
  • Button design. Solid block colors for easy key identification.
  • Complex design. Branding or operating instructions.
  • Panel shapes and sizes.
  • Customized logos.
A black, a golden and a white color glass touch panel on the white background.
GTP-05: Glass touch panel can be customized with various colors.
A white and a black glass touch switch with stars and plants pattern on the corner.
GTP-06: Customized patterns and designs are available to suit different places.
A black color glass touch switch with six pattern button on the panel.
GTP-07: Pattern button for simple and beautiful surface.
A black color glass touch switch with four pattern and instruction character on it.
GTP-08: Pattern and instruction character for easy identifying.

Applications of glass touch panel

  • Smart home.
    • Touch access door.
    • Touch switches in bedroom.
    • Touch switches in bathroom.
    • Touch switches in living room.
    • Touch switches in kitchen.
    • Range hood panels.
    • Induction cooker panel.
    • Microwave oven.
  • Smart touch panels in KTV.
  • Smart touch panels in bank.
  • Smart touch panels in hotels.
A finger is pressing buttons on the access door lock.
GTP-09: Glass touch panel on access door lock.
A finger is pressing button on the range hood.
GTP-10: Glass touch panel on range hood.
A finger is pressing button on the micron oven.
GTP-11: Glass touch panel for micron oven.
A finger is pressing buttons on the induction cooker.
GTP-12: Glass touch panel for induction cooker.
A finger is pressing lamp button on the switch.
GTP-13: Glass touch panel for lamp switch.
A finger is pressing button on the KTV smart panel.
GTP-14: Glass touch panel for KTV song-order panel.

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