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Glass Tube of Various Diameter and Thickness

Glass tubes are made of soda-lime, borosilicate or quartz material and they have broad range of quality. Glass tubes are widely used in laboratory, chemical industry, biology industry, gardening, and so on.

According to different dimension and accuracy, glass tubes can be divided into normal glass tube, precision glass tube and heavy wall capillary tube three kinds. The smallest tolerance we can achieve is 0.005 mm, which requires very high technology. Our glass tubes have stable chemical property and can resist most acid and alkali. The glass tubes can also work under high temperature for a long time.

With good chemical, mechanical and thermal properties, small tolerance and various dimension, the glass tubes are widely used in daily life, industry and laboratory.

Five clear glass tubes with polishing edge lie on the table.
GT-1: The straight polished glass tubes have good thermal and chemical properties.
Three glass tubes with different dimension are on the table.
GT-2: Various sizes glass tubes are used in different equipment.


Glass tubes diameter and tolerance
Inside diameter Tolerance Outside diameter Tolerance
Normal glass tube 5-500 mm 0.5 mm 5.1-550 mm 0.5 mm
Precision glass tube 5-500 mm 0.005 mm 5.1-550 mm 0.005 mm
Heavy wall capillary tube 0.025-0.508 mm 0.02 mm 0.5-6.4 mm 0.4 mm
A piece of glass tube is measured carefully on the outside diameter, thickness and length.
We will check carefully the outside diameter, thickness and length of the glass tubes to control the tolerance.
Two heavy wall capillary tubes with clear surface and polished edge lie on the table.
GT-3: The heavy wall capillary tubes have strong acid, alkali, high temperature resistance ability.
Six precision glass tubes with minor tolerance are on the ground.
GT-4: Producing the precision glass tubes requires very high technology and can meet the requirement for precise instruments.
Glass tubes thermal properties
Material Soda-lime Borosilicate Quartz
SiO2 content 60% - 75% > 81% > 90%
Density at 25 °C 2.53 g/cm3 2.23 g/cm3 2.20 g/cm3
Coefficient of thermal expansion 8.6 × 10-6 m/k 3.3 × 10-6 m/k 5.5 × 10-7 m/k
Softening point 726 °C 820 °C 1780 °C
Melting point 780 °C 1680 °C 2000 °C
Annealing point 546 °C 560 °C 1120 °C
Temperature for short time 400 °C 500 °C 1500 °C
Temperature for long time 350 °C 450 °C 1200 °C
Specific heat 0.18 J/kg °C 0.9 J/kg °C 670 J/kg °C
  • Material: soda-lime, borosilicate, quartz.
  • Diameter and Tolerance
  • Length: 10 mm - 2500 mm.
  • Color: red, green, pink, yellow and so on.
  • Edge handling: polishing.
  • thermal properties

Features and advantages

  • Acid and alkali resistance
    The acid and alkali resistance is high, especially quartz, which do not react with any acid except hydroflouric acid. The stability of glass is 30 times of ceramic and 150 times of stainless steel.
  • Tight dimensional tolerance
    The dimension is accurate and the tolerance is tight. What's more, we can customize according to your requirement.
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
    Our glass tubes have low coefficient of thermal expansion. The softening point can reach 1500 °C, so that the glass tube can withstand temperature as high as 1200 °C.
  • Precise boring
    As for our precision glass tube, the tolerance can be as small as 0.005 mm.
  • Excellent outlooking
    Our glass tube are clear, bright and polishing. We can also color it as your requirement.


  • Glass tubes used in laboratory
    Because of its stable chemical property, various sizes of tubes, as connecting pipe, guide tube and so on, are widely used in chemical and biology laboratory.
  • Glass tubes used in chemical industry, petrochemical industry, biochemical pharmaceutic, military industry, metallurgy, water treatment and so on.
  • Glass tubes used as decoration
    Due to the clear, transparent, and crystal features, the glass tubes are also used as decoration in home, hotel as well as restaurant.
  • Glass tubes used in gardening
    The glass tube can be used in cultivating plants and storing seeds.
  • Glass tubes used in renewable energies
  • Glass tubes used in light.
The glass tube used in equipment facility.
GT-5: The glass tube is transparent which make it easy to obverse the experimental process.
Plants are cultivated in glass tubes.
GT-6: The transparent glass tube can give enough sunshine to the plants and easy to obverse the process.

Package and transportation

  • In order to avoid breaking, glass tubes are packaged in 5 layer corrugated cartons or pallet, with foam or bubble wrap.
  • We can also pack the glass tubes according to customers' requirements.
Four glass tubes packed in foam lie on the carton.
GT-7: Foam packed glass tubes are packed again in cartons to avoid breaking.
Well packed glass tubes are putting together.
GT-8: All the glass tubes are strongly packed in cartons.

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