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Lab Glassware for Chemical and Biological Science

Laboratory glassware, also called lab glassware and glass container, includes various kinds of glassware used in laboratory, such as test tubes, beaker, flask, measuring cup, culture dish and so on.

Laboratory glassware is not easy to be contaminated and easy to clean. The chemical property is stable and do not react with most acid and alkali. Because of these advantages, in chemical, biology, industry, chemical laboratory experiments, glass containers are the most popular choice. We specialized in accuracy lab glassware and the smallest tolerance we can achieve is ±0.05 mm. Customizing is acceptable according to your drawing.

There are seven kinds of laboratory glass ware, including tubes, beakers, round-bottom flask and measuring cylinders.
LG-01: Various kinds of lab glassware is used in different condition.


  • Material: soda-lime glass, borosilicate glass, quartz.
  • Classification: test tube, beaker, flask, measuring cup, culture dish and so on.
  • Dimension: according to customers' requirements.
  • Tolerance: ±0.1 mm.
  • Capacity: 50-20000 ml

Features and advantages

  • High quality material
    As for high quality requirements, we have quartz as material. Quartz has best chemical, mechanical and optical properties.
  • Stable chemical property
    Glass can resist most acid, alkali and other chemicals. Its rust resistance ability is better than metal, wooden and other material.
  • High accuracy
    In order to achieve the customers' requirements for high accuracy, we focus on minimize the tolerance of dimension. The smallest tolerance we can achieve is ±0.05 mm.


  • Used for education purpose
    In school, students do experiments using laboratory glassware to learn the knowledge.
  • Used in medical science
    In medical science, laboratory glassware is necessary because its transparency and good chemical property.
  • Used in biology
    Lab glassware can not only be used to do experiments, but also being used to cultivate plants.
  • Used in industry
A set of experimental facility with laboratory glassware is on the table.
LG-02: Laboratory glassware are used to contain chemicals or as reacting place of two kinds of chemicals.
Four conical flasks with plants in them are on the ground.
LG-03: Thanks to its high transmittance and harmless material, glass container is used to cultivate plants.

Package and transportation of our laboratory glassware

  • In order to avoid breaking, glassware is packaged in 5 layer corrugated cartons or pallet, with foam or bubble wrapped.
  • We can also pack the laboratory glassware according to customers' requirements.
Many glass flasks with foam wrapped are in five cartons.
LG-04: Lab glassware are packaged in 5 layer corrugated cartons or pallet, with foam or bubble wrapped.
There are foam wrapped and cartons for tube, bottle and flasks.
LG-05: Suitable package is chose to meet the different glassware requirements.

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