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Quartz Sleeves 100–3500 mm Length, 5–100 mm Diameter, 0.5–5 mm Thickness

A quartz sleeve for UV Disinfection Lamp with different angles on black background.
QT-01: A quartz sleeve for UV light.

UV light quartz sleeves are used for UV disinfection light, and UV light is mainly used for sterilization, purification of air and water. It is widely used in a variety of water treatment and air purification equipment:

  1. Household water and air purification, e.g. for using in kitchens and air ducts;
  2. Industrial water and air purification, such as fish pond, swimming pools, hospitals and laboratories;
  3. Professional areas, such as industrial waste-water treatment, reduce waste-water pollution, improve water usage.

Specification of quartz sleeves for UV light

  • Color: transparent.
  • Length: 100–3500 mm.
  • Thickness: 0.5–5 mm.
  • Edge treatment: polished.
  • Common size:
    • Single-ended round bottom 23 × 20 × 255 mm.
    • Single-ended round bottom 23 × 20 × 900 mm.
    • Single-ended round bottom 28 × 25 × 1788 mm.
    • Single-ended flat bottom 43 × 37 × 170 mm.
    • Double-ended opening 25 × 22 × 890 mm.

Other sizes can be customized as customers' requirements.

Packaging and transportation

  • To avoid rupture, the quartz glass sleeves would be packed in a wooden box with a foam or bubble wrap.
  • We can also package the quartz glass sleeves according to customer's requirements.
Five quartz sleeves with different sizes are arranged neatly on a black background.
QT-02: Contrast on the ends of quartz sleeves: single-ended opening and single-ended flat bottom.
A hand is holding a vernier caliper to measure the inner, outer diameter, thickness and length of the quartz sleeve.
QT-03: The inner diameter, outer diameter, thickness and length of the quartz sleeve.
Foamed paper-wrapped quartz sleeves are placed in a long wooden sealed box with bubble paper.
QT-04: We pack foamed paper-wrapped quartz sleeves in a wooden box with bubble paper to avoid breaking.

Features and advantages of quartz ultraviolet light glass

  • High acid and alkali resistance
  • High temperature
    Quartz glass's softening point temperature is about 1780 °C, and can be used at 1000 °C for a long time. The highest temperature can be 1450 °C within a short period of time.
  • Good thermal stability
    Quartz glass's thermal expansion coefficient is minimal, can withstand a strong temperature change.
  • Good light transmission
    Quartz glass has a high transmittance on the ultraviolet band which can be up to 80% – 90%. While the ultraviolet transmittance of high borax glass is less than 50%.
  • Good electrical insulation performance
    The resistance value of quartz glass is equivalent to ten thousand times of ordinary glass, and it has good electrical performance even at high temperature.
There are several UV disinfection lamps with different length.
QT-05: UV disinfection light.
Many quartz sleeves and a light UV lamp in them.
QT-06: Quartz sleeves and UV light.

Quartz ultraviolet light glass maintenance precautions

  1. Ensure the light has cooled to the outdoor temperature when you clean it.
  2. Wear a thin and sterile medical glove for cleaning.
  3. Wash it with 0.5% citric acid (edible grade) and rinse with water. If there is no citric acid, scrub the surface of the light directly with water (with sponge or cloth without batches, preferably with silk). Be careful not to leave fingerprints on the light.
  4. You can also scrub it with 70% medical alcohol reagent, and then rinse with water.
  5. It should be placed in a cool place, sealed to save in a dry environment and avoid direct light;
  6. UV light's storage time should not be too long, it is recommended no more than two years.

Application notes of disinfection light

  1. Do not touch the UV light by hand to avoid scratching or damage, or lead to the light life's reduction.
  2. The light with wiring requirements must pay attention to the direction. Otherwise it will lead to damage to the light, life's reduction or light surface overheating.
  3. Due to the high pressure inside the light, please avoid bump, scratch or other external forces damage the light.
  4. Do not use it in the place with flammable and explosive materials such as thin materials. Otherwise it will cause a fire or explosion.
  5. Restart or open the light cover after turning off the light at least 10 minutes, otherwise it will cause damage to the light or burn you.
  6. The UV light (approximately once every six months) should be checked regularly using an ultraviolet meter to ensure proper UV intensity.
  7. When cleaning the UV light, turn off the power and wipe it with a clean soft cloth or alcohol suspending organic solution like gasoline.
  8. UV radiation can cause skin and eye's inflammation, please pay attention to it. Avoid prolonged direct exposure to the human body. After the disinfection, human and livestock need to wait for outdoor. When disinfection completed, it also need to wait for more than 40 minutes' decomposition.
  9. Note to hide the precious calligraphy indoor to prevent the oxidation and discolored because of ultraviolet radiation .
  10. UV radiation has a deterrent effect on organic cells. Do not touch pet animals and plants for long periods of time.

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