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Glass Tube Level Indicator Installation Steps & Routine Maintenance

Front view, side view and assembled glass tube level indicators

You can assemble the glass plate level indicator according to the following steps:

  1. Prior to actual installation, turn handwheel on upper and lower valve on gauge clockwise until stem closes against seat.
  2. Make sure that the face of the process connections are aligned vertically with each other.
  3. Adjust the flanges of the level gauge to the flanges of the tank connection.
  4. Put the gaskets onto the flange face and insert the screws.
  5. Tighten the nuts firmly.
  6. Re-Check vessel connections as well vent/drain connections on each end of gauge to ensure that they are pressure tight.
  7. Turn valve handwheels counterclockwise very slowly to avoid excessive thermal shock and mechanical stress on tubular gauge glass sight tube contained inside gauge frame.
  8. Equalize gauge temperature and pressure with vessel slowly (note: failure to slowly bring gauge into service will cause rapid pressurization of sight tube, resulting in serious personal injury and property damage).
  9. Inspect gauge to ensure that there are no leaks prior to proceeding with installation.
  10. Open valves completely after temperature and pressure have equalized to permit ball checks in valve bodies to properly seat in the event of possible glass breakage (note: in some circumstances where liquid being gauged tends to surge in a rapid manner, ball checks can seat and give a false level reading.).

Glass Tube Level Indicator Routine Maintenance

  1. During system shutdown, keep gauge valves open, making gauge lose pressure and cool to ambient temperature with vessel.
  2. Gauge maintenance during the vessel is still in service. Close valves on each gauge end completely, making the gauge to cool to ambient temperature if necessary. Drain liquid carefully with connection port on gauge lower end (note: do not proceed with any maintenance unless gauge has been relieved of all pressure or vacuum and has been reached ambient temperature. flush out gauge to remove any hazardous liquids before handling if possible.).

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