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Magnetic Level Gauge Routine Maintenance

Three top-mounted & side-mounted magnetic level gauges

Normally, magnetic level gauges operate free from maintenance and wear when applied properly. Depending on the application, occasionally mud or other floating substances can gather in the lower portion of the instrument. Should this be the case, follow the below steps to remove the gauge from service:

  1. Isolate the chamber from service by closing the process valves starting with the lower valve and then the top valve.
  2. Open the vent connection slowly to equalize pressure with atmosphere.
  3. Drain off any remaining liquid in a manner compatible with plant requirements. Remove the flange on the gauge bottom.
  4. Clean out chamber with a brush and wash with water. Make sure there are no remaining solid particles. Look for items or debris that will inhibit float movement. Further inspect the gauge chamber to ensure that it is free from unexpected corrosion or damage.
  5. Replace the float with the arrows in the "Up" position.
  6. Use a new gasket, replace the bottom flange and tighten all fasteners to the proper torque.

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